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Marie Cairns

My journey as a care provider began in 1995 in the NHS. I went on to work for 20 years as a midwife, mostly at Warwick Hospital in South Warwickshire.


My passion for midwifery evolved as I became deeply interested in achieving natural birth, water birth and calm therapeutic care during labour. In 2012 I undertook a diploma for midwives called Complementary Therapies in Pregnancy & Childbirth, by Expectancy. This enabled me to fulfil this role with more depth. I went on to establish a clinic within Warwick Hospital helping women within the Trust. Serving women in this way led me to establish my own business ‘Blue Angel Therapies’ where I was able to concentrate on my new found passion, leaving behind my Midwifery duties in 2017. My yearning to help and heal people has since evolved further, with me embarking and completing the training to massage people experiencing cancer, people during palliative care and for those seeking rest and relaxation.

I have always had a strong personal interest in Angels and the spirit world, which influenced my business name, Blue Angel Therapies. I am not religious but my love for all things spiritual intrigue me everyday and I hope to develop my skills whilst connecting and working from the heart.

Ultimately I enjoy helping and healing, getting creative and spiritual! My in-depth knowledge and understanding of the human body, especially with regards to pregnancy and childbirth is an added bonus.


Further training in;
Reiki I &II
ITEC Swedish Massage
Hydrotherm; non pregnancy, pregnancy, Tranquil sea, Just BE

Penny Price Diploma in Aromatherapy

Level 5 Reflexology with Jubilee College

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