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Hydrotherm Massage

Hydrotherm is a unique therapy system that transforms the client massage experience to new levels.

The conventional ‘face-down’ therapy couch is lined with a bed of heated cushions that are filled with warm water. Your entire massage is then carried out as you comfortably lie at a slight incline on your back, ‘face-up’!!
The therapist can easily slide their hands between your body and the cushions, enabling them to massage the underside of your body as well as your front without needing you to be disturbed and turned over.
This opposing position makes Hydrotherm ideal for clients who are unable to lie on their front, perhaps due to pregnancy or limited mobility - or simply because of the discomfort and facial congestion that is associated with the traditional position.
The placement of the warm water cushions is designed to give your back perfect spinal alignment. Further lumber support is aided with a bolster placed under your knees which are slightly raised, with your hands resting by your side. The warmth and cushioning encourages your body to relax, relieving stress on your joints and muscles - allowing you to completely let go, switch off and indulge in the floating sensation.

Please note Marie offers massage to women only.

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