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Pregnancy Treatments

Massage  |  Aromatherapy  |  Reflexology  |  Natural Induction of Labour
Pregnancy is a time of excitement, anticipation and great change.

 The body undergoes so many adjustments to accommodate the ever-evolving development of baby from the start of pregnancy right through to delivery and beyond, that it is so important to nurture yourself.
The power of relaxation and treating the mind and body through Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology or Reiki should not be underestimated, it has such benefits.
So whether it's morning sickness, sciatica, anxiety, depression, or that you simply want to maintain that calm in preparation for your birth, I can help - and I assure you that you are in kind, safe, nurturing hands.
A free, thorough and confidential consultation will be carried out to ensure complete safety for you and your unborn baby prior to treatment. You will then be assisted to get comfortable on to the Hydrotherm cushions with support where needed. You can completely relax and enjoy your time connecting and bonding with your baby.
For massage, there will be no need to turn from side to side as you lay comfortably at an incline and with a soft bolster under the knees, allowing yourself time to completely switch off, relax and indulge.
Reflexology, or specifically Reflex Zone Therapy, is very powerful in treating specific ailments of the body. It works whilst providing relaxation, encouraging the body’s own self- healing process. This is achieved by applying pressure to specific areas of the feet, which correlate to certain areas of the body requiring treatment.
Natural induction of labour is for pregnancies that go over their due date. It encourages the body’s own production of hormones which naturally stimulate contractions. This in turn reduces the risk of medical intervention. This is achieved with a combined use of therapies including stimulating specific pressure points of the body, massage and applying prescribed essential oils.

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