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Energy Healing

Reiki, Angelic & Spiritual.

We are all made up of amazing energy otherwise known as Life Force, Ch'i or Prana.

Energy is in every cell of our body, which also extends outside creating an energy field or aura.  Within us we also have Chakras which link our physical body with our energy flow.  Through imbalance or blockages, this energy can cause ill-health on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


To reenergise balance and strengthen your Chakras and energy, healing is channelled through my hands whilst you lay comfortably on the Hydrotherm system.  While you relax, I will be working with intention and from the heart, placing my hands lightly on or just above different areas of your body.  You may experience heat, cold, tingling, or nothing at all.  But know that the healing energy is going where needed, no matter where my hands are placed.

There is no need to undress to receive healing.  The energy will still flow, but can be incorporated into other treatments, such as Massage or Reflexology, further enhancing your experience.

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